Welcome to the Delphix Toolchain Workshop! The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate how Delphix works in a typical SDLC toolchain. This exercise is broken into three acts. The first act focuses on development and jumps right into pushing application code. The second act directs our attention to leveraging Delphix to facilitate automated testing. And the third act guides us through a break/fix scenario

Act I - Software Development

In Act I, we will be using Delphix to quickly develop new features against realistic secure datasets. In this case, we will add the ability to record and display a notes field for our patients in our application.

Act II - Automated Testing

In Act II, we will be simulating using Delphix to truly deliver automated testing, complete with unpolluted realistic data. In this case, a recent code change has introduced a bug that causes our Patients application to no longer function.

Act III - Break Fix (coming soon)

In Act III, we will be simulating using Delphix to quickly restore service when a data corruption issue has caused an outage in Production.